PNR Status

The PNR or the Passenger Name Record is a number that is assigned to a particular passenger who is about to travel in a specific form of transport.

PNR numbers are essential for the system, which is handling the type of transport that the traveler has opted for.

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The provision of Passenger Name Record is available with all the leading transportations such as:

  • Buses
  • Trains
  • Airplanes etc.

The Passenger Name Record Number is the most sought-after thing for the technical side of the transportation facility.

They take care of all the bookings and seat or berth allotments by keeping your PNR number in contention.

PNR numbers are easier to access for the people in the backend.

They don’t have to remember each and every detail related to you and your journey that you are about to undertake.

There are quite a few things that are mentioned in a ticket.

You can easily check for the PNR Status by visiting any website, which deals with the same.

  • Enter the PNR number at the space given and click on the “Check Status” option then.
  • Your tickets’ situation will be shown on the screen.

As far as Indian Railways is concerned, a PNR number contains these particular details:

  • Name of the Passenger
  • Age
  • Gender
  • Train Details

These are the basic details that any ticket has. These things are pretty much necessary to authenticate the ticket on your name.

It is certain that there is no chance of getting a ticket in a valid state if your own details are not present.

Coming to the Train Details part, this is a generalized name given to each and every little bit of information associated with the specific train that you are taking for the journey.

The Train Details that are included in a ticket and simultaneously in the PNR are as follows:

  • Train Number
  • Train Name
  • Boarding Date
  • Your Source Station
  • Your Destination Station
  • Class of ticket booked
  • Booking Status of your ticket
  • Current Status of your ticket
  • Fare of the ticket

There is a plethora of information related to your train, which you are taking for the travel purposes.

Starting from the train number and name to the fare of the ticket, everything is mentioned.

Special Attention needs to be given to the two options mentioned above – Booking Status of your Ticket and Current Status of your Ticket.

Sometimes, while booking the train ticket, there is a slight chance that you might not have got a Confirmed ticket on your name.

The code CNF is used in that case, if your ticket is confirmed.

At that time, you will be assigned with two types of variables namely:

  • Reservation Against Cancellation (RAC)
  • Waiting List (WL)

As the names itself suggest, RAC tickets are where your tickets will get confirmed if there is another person who has cancelled their ticket.

Otherwise, you will have to share your seat with another individual.

In case of a WL ticket, you are technically not permitted to board the train unless your ticket gets confirmed at the time of charting or at your source station.

The details of the empty seats at that point of time will be available with the concerned Train Ticket Examiner who can help you, at times if you help him as well.