Live Train Status

Railways are a supremely essential part of the residents of India. In this massive country, transportation without the mention of Railways is neigh impossible.

However, we need to be completely connected with the service if we are opting for it.

A live tracking of the Railways is as much important for the travelers as the option of traveling itself.

In this article, as the name suggests, we will brief in on the Live Train Status of any particular train which is currently up and running.

A few details will be explained in the most general sense. Live Train Status depicts the current position of the train that you are concerned about. It is a fairly process to go ahead with.

The details needed to check the live status of a train are as follows:

  • Train Number
  • Starting Date of journey
  • With Respect to what Station (Optional)

As you can clearly understand, these are the two details that you need to know before proceeding ahead with checking the Live Train Status.

The train number is a number that is assigned to each and every train.

It is the Railways of determining which train is it. The use of names is almost negligible in the technical scheme of things.

This number is very crucial to check for the Live Train Status or the Time Table or anything of that sort.

Secondly, the starting date of journey is another important thing. The starting date of the journey corresponds to the date on which the train began from its source station.

The starting date of a train spans from 0000 Hrs. to 2359 Hrs. of a specific date. The Railways used the 24-hour clock.

If you are boarding the train on the 4th of October, but the train started from its source station on the 3rd of October, you should mention the 3rd of October only.

Finally, few websites provide you with the “With Respect to station” option. Here, you can enter your own station to get an idea of how far the train actually is without really worrying about its current position.

  • Live Train Status
  • Time Table

With the help of both of these, we can pin point the location of your train at the exact point of time and simultaneously calculate if the train is ahead or behind its time successfully.

Earlier, people used to call on the number 139.

This number connected you with the nearest Railway Station enquiry and they used to tell you the live status of the train that you wanted.

The number would sometimes get blocked or be unresponsive if the demand was extremely high.

But now, with the exponential growth of the Internet, people can easily check for the Live Train Status with the help of their mobiles, tablets or PCs.

There are multiple websites which will help you accordingly and you can plan your journey beforehand.

At least it would reduce the chances of you getting stranded or deserted at the railway station owing to certain miscommunications.