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Live Station


Live Station updates mean that a particular station’s details as far the Train Arrivals and Departures are concerned. In the case of any station in the Indian Railways, there are always a bunch of trains going through it.

The main things that you unearth in the Live Station service are as follows:

  • Arrivals
  • Departures

The Live Station provides you the information of the trains’ arrivals and departures for the next specified time period. In order to go ahead with the process, you need to follow a few important steps.

Firstly, search for relevant websites on Google or any other search engine. Once you find your pick, click on it and go ahead with the website. You will find a bunch of other options alongside. Ignore all of those and concentrate on the Live Station option.

Secondly, enter the station code of the station whose Live Station updates you want to check. In case you don’t know the station code, just enter the full name of the railway station whose updates you want to check.

Once you do that, automatically the station code will be displayed alongside the full name and you can select it easily. Or else, follow these steps carefully:

  • Open Google or any search engine
  • Search for the station code of the railway station that you want to
  • Copy the code and enter it here in the space provided

After you are done entering the code, select the amount of time for which you want to check the live updates of Arrivals and Departure for that railway station. In some websites, this option is available. In a few, it is set to a default value of 2 or 4 hours.

Once you have selected the same, the station’s updates will be shown on the screen in the next page. You can filter out the trains according to your own preference. There will be a bunch of different types of trains such as:

  • Passenger Service
  • Mail / Express
  • Superfast
  • Premium Trains etc.

Out of these, you can filter out the ones that you don’t want to see the details about. The list can then easily provide you with the adequate knowledge and you can plan your journey accordingly.

However, there is catch with these websites. If the delay of a concerned train on the Live Station service is outrageously high, it is better to contact the stipulated Railway Station and get it confirmed.

  • The phone number that you need to call is 139.
  • It is the official phone number for Railway Enquiries.

A second check is never a bad thing, especially when you are traveling to a different place altogether.